I'm on a Journey

It all began when my sister gave me a craft book for Christmas. There was one project on needle felting. I got a bee in my bonnet about it and knew I had to give it a go.

First I made small sculptures for my four sons, with varying success. Then gradually I widened my scope to other family and friends until they began commissioning me to make other things and so my baskets and cushions evolved.

Then on a particularly brave day I went to some local shops which specialize in interiors and was pleasantly surprised by their response. Now I supply shops in England, America, Italy and, Switzerland, and hope to venture further afield.

I wanted to show my sons that time used creatively is always fun and can be fruitful too. So since giving up work in London when my first son came along I have tried many small jobs that could fit around the family but only now with designing my hearts and cushions for interiors do I feel truly happy and with the wonders of Etsy I can have my own shop too.

I take great comfort in being part of such an International creative community, we respect each others designs, we support and praise each other. Thank you Etsy for this Positive Creative Revolution!


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