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December 2023 was an WOW experience - When I won the Wreath making completion on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas for Channel 4.


Donkey's have always held a special place in my heart.

Associated with holidays in Devon and my sister who loves everything Donkey so it seemed an obvious choice for me to make a Donkey wreath when I entered the Kirstie Allsopp Handmade Christmas competion for Channel 4

What a super day - the filming crew were so kind and considerate of our nerves!

By the end of the day having chatted to Kirstie about pressing olives in Italy , the virtues of four children and discovering she has a flock of rare breed Manx Sheep I was on cloud nine.

So to win my KA Oscar was definitely one of my best felting days so far!


I am back in 2023! Dates to be announced...

Coming again soon December 2023 on Ch 4 !


Nestled in Somerset - England - at  the center of the Levels lies Langport along the river Parett. Half way up the High Street you will find us,Goodswen and Belle.

We began as a small felting studio working from a village a few miles away, then after a few years we took the jump to open our own studio, gallery & shop.

Our wish is to provide an outlet for local artist  and creative people which is why we have an eclectic selection from soft furnishings to childrens' books as well as having the open felting studio where I work so customers can see the process. ask questions and maybe even be inspired to have a go at a workshop either in the shop or online.


Currently we are working on a Card and Garland collection  - video tutorials and maybe a few other surprises!

you can keep up-to-date with what we get up to and new products by following us on 

FB and IG  SweetLibertyBelle

The Goodswen and Belle team has now grown and we pride ourselves more than ever in supporting local farmers and working with local printers.

We have a No Plastics packaging policy where possible and are striving to make this absolute.  

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