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Nestled in Somerset - England - between bustling hedgerows and open meadows sits Sweet Liberty Belle Studio. I grew up in the countryside with cows as my companions, I wished the other smaller animals in the hedgerows wouldn't run away and I would wait patiently for them to take tender friendly steps towards me 

... I am still waiting! 

Then I discovered needle felting - now the Hare (Bungereye) sits and watches intently while I work away creating hedgehogs, dogs, mice and all manner of other animals . In my designs and sculptures the animals can now do all the things my imagination dreams of: from skiing goats to penguins getting married!

Capturing the true essence of an animal's expression brings them to life and the three dimensional aspect of felting along with the natural textures and colours of rare breed sheep wools helps me recreate loved ones as pet portraits which along with all the designs can be made on  hearts / as standalone framed wall art or sculptures.

Sweet Liberty Belle team has now grown and we pride ourselves more than ever in supporting local farmers and working with local printers.

We have a No Plastics packaging policy where possible and are striving to make this absolute.