• This starter kit ( basic) includes

    1.100% Natural  medium size felting mat. This mat is made from hessian with a wool pad inside perfect for felting. Comes with a carry handle and pockets. Perfect for ‘out and about’ felting and around the house!

    2. Five varied thickness felting needles.

    3. Core wool and Roland wool.

    4. Felt squares for working onto for pictures and making flowers.

       (Vintage white, Apple green, dappled brown and oatmeal)

    5. Booklet with felting tips



    The full lux starter kit comes with a selection of colours in fine merino wool.


    This is perfect if you are a home-felt club member - remember to use your 35% discount coupon!


    Starter Kit basic -Natural Felting mat + needles + core-wool + Roland wool + tip


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      Felting workshop underway at #theangel i
      Some wonderful Wet felted pictures by so
      Just listening to the radio about Bullfi
      Me and my favourite things! #glastonbury